Yujen: origin 幽玄 Yūgen/noun. 
Taken from a set of ancient Japanese ideals; true beauty lies in suggestion rather than what is plain to see by the naked eye. It is the emphasis on what has not been said or shown explicitly, and is therefore a subtle and natural notion of beauty.

Hello and welcome,

We are YUJEN, an organic skincare company who take inspiration from Japanese health and wellness rituals, and translate them into high-performing beautifying solutions. Crafted in small batches, we use the highest quality ingredients that have been harvested straight from nature's most trusted supplier - the Earth.

Using a plant-based approach in the development of our products makes for more effective remedies for a broad spectrum of skin requirements and the process ensures the best overall beauty benefits.

YUJEN's philosophy is simple: skin is our biggest protector and therefore our most deserving ally. We can't stop your skin from befriending the bad, instead we omit harsh and controversial preservatives such as parabens, sulphates and chemicals masked as fragrance from all of our products.
Furthermore, we believe it is our basic duty to commit to ethical, sustainable and responsible business practices. We do this with balance and by making sure that in creating safer products for you, we do not cause any harm to our planet. 

This is who we are. We now invite you on the journey with us and to step into a blissful routine of daily, plant-based self care, trusting that your skin is the best of hands.