Our Why

"Remember why you started."

Behind every action, there lies a WHY? Our story is a tale of strength, courage and of valour, inspired by one lady. 

The seeds of YUJEN were planted when the mom of our Founder, Nadia Griezans, became ill. Nadia grew increasingly aware of how our micro environments could have a significant, negative impact on our health which then led to her looking into this further. 

She says:

"When someone you love becomes ill, it's natural to want and seek answers. When researching disease prevention and recovery in journals and articles, there were unremitting arguments of the links between toxins in everyday personal care and cosmetic products, and chronic disease. This propelled me on a mission to create a range of safe, high-performing, beautifully packaged, skin and haircare products, as well as non-toxic items for the home."

That lowly seed has continued to blossom. Blending safety, efficacy and integrity is just a tiny part of our story. Our aim never has been, nor will it ever be, to simply offer niche, 'green' products. We're joining those leading a fundamental industry shift towards transparency and the provision of better quality products - using more natural and less harmful ingredients in the process.

We are extremely proud to be part of that growing movement, and so stoked to be on the journey with you.

We are YUJEN.